Pre School Room

The ‘Pre-School’ is for children aged from 2 ½ until they go to school. The children in here enjoy a wide range of activities and games areas designed to enhance their imaginations and social skills. The children participate in adult led activities to provide them with the necessary skills for the primary school environment. Again with this room there is a main play room, a messy play/dining room, a book corner and a toilet area.

What will your child be doing in the pre-school area When children transfer to the pre-school, they will continue to experience the “hands on” activities which have been an integral part of their days in the nursery. We will be building on the skills they have acquired and extending their learning. During the pre-school year, children will be involved in activities which promote motor skills, listening skills and concentration.

Careful attention is also given to developing those skills and concepts needed for reading and writing. We have computers, appropriate software and other I C T equipment so that the children can develop IT skills. During periods of free play, children are given the opportunity to develop their creativity through imaginative play and independent selection of activities set out by the staff.

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