Our Nursery Room

This room is for toddlers aged between 14 months and 2 ½ - 3 years old. The children are given opportunities to learn through play and enjoy adult led activities such as story time, listening activities, singing and music. The Nursery Room is equipped with all the tools necessary to enjoy messy activities and craft, painting, water and sand play and other livelier activities to build up the children’s muscles and co-ordination.

The nursery has a main play room which provides a comfortable area to play and relax, as well as a ‘messy’ area where the children will receive their meals and enjoy the messy activities. The nursery room also has its own sleep room and toilet/potty area. What your child will be doing in the nursery room

A typical day in the Nursery room consists of periods of free play and set activities such as circle time, story time, singing, snack time and outdoor play. Circle time encourages children to talk in group situations and also to listen to others. Such periods are kept fairly short as appropriate to the children’s age. During free play, children can learn to socialise and play co-operatively with other children. They can develop their imaginations through play with duplo, farmyard, train track and doll’s house. A wide range of art and craft activities are on offer as well as sand and water activities, which are planned on a daily basis.

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