Big Pre School

This room is for pre school children to explore during their last year before starting school. Through this year the children are encouraged to develop confidence, self help skills and listening and attention. Big preschool is a stimulating environment that provided the important balance between play and being able to participate in adult led activities to provide them with the necessary skills for the primary school environment.

The children take part in adult lead activities which are tailored around their individual development needs, providing them with the opportunity to scaffold their learning with staff and peers.

Children are given the opportunity to carry out small tasks and jobs during their daily routine, such as special helper, serving lunch, toileting and brushing their teeth. In order to build on development and embed our nursery promises the welfare and interests of the children are paramount within the room we have visual learning aids such as a visual routine and ‘now and next’. We incorporate key features such as group time, weather and days of the week to bridge the link between pre-school and school. 

We pride ourselves on good parent partnership but displaying tapestry uploads and keeping parents informed without notice board located near the front door to big preschool. We aim to establish bonds with other children and their parents, so everybody is comfortable in the transition to school.

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