Our Baby Room

Within this room babies can enjoy sensory and exploratory activities, utilise the soft toys, rattles, musical instruments, stackable toys, ball pool and sand as well as relax and interact with the staff that are experienced in working with the young babies and are specific to that area. Each child is allocated a key person who makes the child feel welcome, comfortable and valued at the nursery. They will ensure that the child is receiving the very best care for their needs and development.

The room consists of a main playroom with a carpeted area for floor play and a washable flooring area for messy play, painting and dining. There is a sleep room directly off the main playroom furnished with wooden cots to provide the children with a comfortable place to rest and sleep during the day. Also directly off the playroom is a changing room equipped with plenty of storage for all the children’s personal care items and changing tables.

Throughout the day the babies and young children are offered a variety of drinks and snacks using ‘choice’ as appropriate. We also offer home cooked meals at lunch and tea time. We value each child’s individual needs and routines so communication between staff and parents or legal guardians is important to us.

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